Secure WSN


Industrial IoT systems have boomed due to recent innovations in wireless communication and digital electronics. An Industrial IoT system consists of sensors/devices which connected with each other through a wireless network and collectively called a “Wireless Sensor Network”. These sensors provide real-time data on a scale of seconds and have been used in applications ranging from agriculture to entertainment. This system communicates data quickly with the base station through networks of their sensors. However, the open, distributed, and dynamic characteristics of these networks make them vulnerable to various types of attacks, thus seriously affecting their security and effectiveness. In 2021 alone, there were 155.8 million individuals around the world being affected by this. These attacks can have disastrous consequences and thus, it is paramount to find a solution to improve the efficiency and safety of wireless sensor networks. This research proposes a blockchain and reinforcement learning-based system to improve the security and efficiency of these networks. This system can prevent almost all attacks on the WSN compared with the current system which is only able to prevent 80% of attacks and this system on average 45% more efficient than current systems.