Organizations and Clubs

Community AI


Unleash the power and scale of AI for the good of humanity. Empower youth by offering free AI workshops, AI camps, AI Events, and mentorship. 

AI Fair


Sustainability and Community AI Fair is a technology fair to encourage high and middle-school students to work on community and environment-focused technology projects and win scholarships/funding/prizes.


A club where students meet, talk and learn about artificial intelligence and machine learning. This Artificial Intelligence Club is at duPont Manual High School, Louisville, Kentucky.

Commissioner's Student Advisory Council

State Representative 

Commissioner's student advisory council at Kentucky Department of Education (KDE).

AI Committee and CTE  

duPont Manual High School

REACH Tutoring

Tutor CS Classes at the University of Louisville: Data Structure (CSE 302), Discrete Structure (CSE 310), Intro to C/C++ CSE (130). This is a paid position on the University of Louisville's payroll.

Governor School of Entrepreneurs (GSE)

Member of 2022 Batch of GSE.

Technology Student Association (TSA)

Officer of TSA @ duPont Manual.

National Math Honor Society

Treasurer (2022), President (2023)

Red Tree Inc

Cofounder of Red Tree, a DE-incorporated AI company helping businesses gain insight from their own data.

Stealth Startup (AI Startup)

Work as an AI Intern